ART/ Flora and Fauna, mad about Nature

No doubt I was excited to discover this exhibition in the museum of arts and design of New-York last October.

Let’s start with Steffen Dam’s specimen jars. By capturing ocean creatures in glass, the Danish artist invites us in his own biology lab, full of mystery and purity.

See more here.

I was then astonished by Jennifer Trask‘s piece of Art (Intrinsecus, 2010). This beautiful wall installation is partly made out of bones, teeth and antlers. Amazing.

I loved the blue butterflies (made of recycled cans!)of Paul Villinski‘s Passage (study, 2011).

Inspired by Toile de Jouy, Folly (2010) by Beth Katleman is an incredible work consisting of 48 pastoral scenes made of the artist’s flea market trinkets.
A lot of humour and poetry as you get a closer look.

EAST COST/ Il était une fois… in New-York city

Sculptures by George Segal (1924–2000) which honor the gay rights movement in Christopher park

Lovers locks on Brooklyn bridge

A bird feeder on the High Line –

Avenue of the elms in Central Park

The East coast memorial is a World war II memorial in Battery Park

The statue of Liberty

TRAVEL/ NYC color scheme

New-York’s colors and neighbourhoods are vibrant and energetic, reflecting the pulse of this amazing city.


Lower East side


Greenwich village


Times Square