Gallery – Swims

“Seduce the rain”, how cool is that?? Swims, a Norvegian company, provides all we need to go through wet weathers.  Their “galoshes” catched my eyes in Gallery so I had to try them on…

When design meets the needs of fashionistas… well, ok, this is not very glamourous but it can save precious pairs of shoes (it also exists for stilettos) from rain and snow! I just think that the idea is brilliant.

While the webshop is under construction, you can see more here.

Foutaises by Jean Pierre-Jeunet

Before the famous Amelie, Jean-Pierre Jeunet made “Foutaises” (1989), a great short movie that I just discovered. Let’s amuse ourselves with all the little experiences life can offer, the one that we like as well as those we don’t…

Gallery – S.N.S Herning

If you like stories behind clothing, tradition and quality production; you’ll love S.N.S Herning as much as I do. I had the pleasure to have the brand introduced at Gallery.

Founded in 1931, this Danish company continues making knitted garments of the best quality. Originaly made for fishermen, these beautiful sweaters still keep the old logo as a trademark.

All knitting is done with aged machinery which can not go without the knowledge of the artisan operating it. Every piece is unique and collections are either complete remakes of old styles or based on knitting patterns and swatches picked up from the archives.

See more and shop here!

Gallery – Bjørg

I discovered Bjørg‘s website a while ago and just loved it… The video that follows is just great! I recommend you to also have a look at their lookbook.

You can imagine how happy I was to find this norwegian  brand in Gallery!

Mystic and wild with silver ravens, foxes and rabbits, but also very poetic and romantic with meaningful writtings. I love it!

A special thank to Paris Texas that sales the  brand in Copenhagen!

Gallery – Beau Coops

The 6th edition of Gallery just started (until the 14th of February, in Copenhagen). No need to say that I was there…

Let’s start my picks with an Australian shoe brand : Beau coops. These amazing cork platform shoes will be available in Paris Texas next winter. I would have never expected me to look forward it!

Gallery fashion fair to be continued…