Sunday walk over to Jamaica Plain

Having a walk to Jamaican Plain seems to be the perfect thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, in Boston. You get to enjoy a really green scenery along the quiet Emerald necklace and discover a chill and cosy neighboorhood. I really enjoyed it.

Jamaica pond –

Yummy sandwich at City Feed and Supply

Along Washington street –


New Year’s celebrations in Thailand take place from the 13th to the 15th of April. The Songkran festival I experienced in Bangkok wasn’t exactly spiritual and religious (the water is originally meant as a symbol of washing all of the bad away and the use of chalk refers to the way blessings are marked by monks), but it was a lot of fun. Get yourself a water-gun and go play with everyone but be ready to be soaked and covered with chalk.

Autumn in Copen-home-gen

Trees get brown, their leaves fly in the wind. Autum slowly settles down. Copenhagen feels cosy and looks wonderful.

Les arbres brunissent, leurs feuilles s’envolent au vent. L’Automne s’installe doucement. Copenhague est chaleureux et magnifique.

Træ bliver mørkere, træ blade flyver i vinden. Efterår er netop ankommet. Tid til at hygge sig. København er pragtfuld.