FOOD/ Levantine cuisine –

Hummus served with mushrooms and oignons. Not only it tastes good, but it looks good too!

Traditional mezze (assortment of salads) served with pita bread for an enjoyable “pick and taste” moment. I love Baba ghanoush (mashed eggplant mixed with virgin olive oil and various seasonings).

I enjoyed pastries in Israel a lot. Sweet or salty, with seeds, cheese, eggs or veggies, they were all yummy.

Breakfast with delicious Matbucha (tomatoes and roasted bell peppers seasoned with garlic and chili pepper) and eggs.

Delightful and sweet Halva from Yehuda market in Jerusalem.

Hot beverage called Sahlab. Originally prepared with salep powder and water, it is now often made with hot milk. It is pretty thick and tastes like flower.

GREEN/ Singapore

Singapore was declared to be Asia’s greenest city this year. Well done!

The independent Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) examined the environmental performance of 22 major Asian cities in eight categories: energy and CO2, land use and buildings, transport, waste, water, sanitation, air quality and environmental governance.

This fact reminded me of some pictures I took there. I was fascinated by the cohabitation of Nature and skyscrapers.

NATURE/ Exotism

Nature always strikes me, especially when I am travelling in what we could call an “exotic place”.
Here are some pictures I took during my stay in Israel.

Let’s first have a walk in Ramat Hanadiv, a natural gem dedicated to the memory of Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Situated between Zikhron Ya’akov and Binyamina, this place is a must see for whoever enjoys the beauty of Nature and wants to know it better (don’t miss the fragrance garden).

An exploration of the charming Nahlaot’s neighbourhood in Jerusalem offers a diversity of flowers and plants that will please any visitor’s eyes.