ART / Yoko Ono, Half-a-wind show –

Last chance today to see and experience the great exhibition about Yoko Ono at Louisiana museum.
Through different rooms and spaces, the visitor discovers the richness of Yoko Ono’s work : installations, performances, drawings, music… and is invited to take part of it.
Walk through a glass labyrinth – Amaze – , create your own version of Moving Mountains performance, put your hand in the Danger box , make a wish and let it float in the wind…
Obviously, this large-scale retrospective is full of messages of peace, love and poetic views of life. Breath, dream, touch and enjoy!


It’s alright from I see rainbows album, 1982

Your hands from Milk and Honey, 1984

Approximately infinite universe, double album released in 1973
Approximately infinite universe,  Yoko Ono

Air dispenser, 1971
Air dispenser, Yoko Ono

We are all water, 2006

You are water
I’m water
we’re all water in different containers
that’s why it’s so easy to meet
someday we’ll evaporate together

but even after the water’s gone
we’ll probably point out to the containers
and say, “that’s me there, that one”.
we’re container minders

We are all water, Yoko Ono
We are all water 2, Yoko Ono
Andy Warhol, We are all water, Yoko Ono

This is not here, 1971
This is not here, Yoko Ono

Balance piece , 1997/2010
Balance piece, Yoko Ono

Glass keys to open the skies , 1967
Glass keys to open the skies, Yoko Ono

Wish tree
Wish tree, Yoko Ono

Wish to travel the world

Wish to  fall in love

Wish tree 2, Yoko Ono


Louisiana : not only the largest modern Art museum in Europe, but also an amazing place surrounded by Nature. Not to be missed.

As an introduction, some pictures of the shop where you can find books, design, jewellery, clothing (Rützou, Provider, Marimekko, Margit Brandt, Ganni)…




DSC00382Hawai Smykker – French design: Agnès Millerand



Some pieces of Art that catched my eyes…


Martial Raysse – Jeune fille vénitienne, 1963


Roy Lichtenstein – Figures in landscape, 1977

DSC00387Louise Bourgeois – Spider couple, 2003

DSC00392Claes Oldenburg – Lunch-box, 1961

DSC00399Andy Warhol photografied by Christopher Makos


Michael Elmgreen/Ingar Dragset – Powerless structures, 1997

Louisiana museum –  gammel Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk