Autumn in Copen-home-gen

Trees get brown, their leaves fly in the wind. Autum slowly settles down. Copenhagen feels cosy and looks wonderful.

Les arbres brunissent, leurs feuilles s’envolent au vent. L’Automne s’installe doucement. Copenhague est chaleureux et magnifique.

Træ bliver mørkere, træ blade flyver i vinden. Efterår er netop ankommet. Tid til at hygge sig. København er pragtfuld.



Københavns Karneval

Thousands of people are gathering in Fælledparken this week-end. The sun has finally came out and makes people even more enthusiastic to celebrate music, culure and dancing during Copenhagen Carnival.  Let me drive you into the crawd and illustrate the wonderful mix of people that were there yesterday.

Get together

When the summer comes out in Copenhagen, people grab some beers, few sausages, huge blankets and a good spirit for open air gatherings…

National holidays, electronic festivals, movies or just a good weather are all good reasons for lying in parks or invading the streets. I just love it.

1 maj

1 maj bis

012 The 1st of May in Fæalledparken

Distortion 1

Distortion 2

Distortion – from the 3rd to the 7th of June in the streets of Copenhagen


Stella polaris in Østre Anlæg the 2nd of August



One of the summer open air cinema, in Fæalledparken